Our History

A Historical Review of Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church
Constituted Nov. 2, 1912

Before the church was formally organized, Sunday school and worship services were conducted in the summer months in the Oil Valley School House.

On November 2, 1912, a meeting was held and the Oil Valley Baptist Church was constituted. 

In the summer of 1913, the first church building was built by W. D. “Bill” Kelsay.  The building was just north of where the church is presently located today.  

In January of 1914, Oil Valley Baptist Church changed its name to Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church.

Charter Members of the Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church were:  Zack and Sophia Coffey Lair, Will D. and Cynthia Sandusky Elam, James G. Elam, Nona Elam, Willie Elam, Clora Elam, Myrtie Elam, C. B. Lair, Burl M. Coffey, General Guffey, Edna Guffy, Zona Elam Powell and Hattie Guffey.  The first Charter Member by baptism was John Coffey.

In January of 1947, the church went from meeting once a month to meeting two Sundays a month.  In January of 1951, the Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church began full-time services. 

In 1954, land was given by the J. D. Campbell heirs, and a new church building was begun. 

On May 5, 1957, services began in the new building, which now include the following additions and renovations:
  • Educational Building,1979
  • Addition of Foyer, Porch and Car Port, 1987
  • Family Life Center, 2005
  • Sanctuary Renovation, 2010

November 2012, Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church will celebrate its 100th year of ministry!  Over the past 100 years, thousands of lives and families have been eternally impacted directly and indirectly through the ministry of Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church.  God has been graciously good to us; to Him we give all honor, praise and glory!  We join the psalmist today in saying, The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised (Psalm 96:4).

Listed below are the under-shepherds called by the Good Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd and the Great Shepherd to pastor the Family of Faith known as Elk Spring Valley Baptist Church.  We are thankful for their faithfulness to His entrusted care.

John Wolford Steele 1912
R. C. Kimble 1913
Eli Correll 1914- 1920
Rueben Roberts 1921-1922
A. G. Coker 1923-1925
Rueben Jones 1926-1928, 1930-1935
Richard F. Shearer 1936
Raymond Keith 1936-1939
Richard H. Bow 1940
James D. Selvidge 1941-1942
John H. Denney 1943, 1944-1950, 1954-1956
Arnold Lovett 1950-1953 (first full-time pastor)
James J. Lawless 1953-1954
Isaac Hucaby 1957-1959
Thomas Adkins 1959-1971
David Monroe Walters 1971-1975
Thomas D. Hill 1976-1980
Noble A. Cobb 1981-1984
Claire C. Baker 1984-1987
Albert McKinney 1988-1994
Jerry Browning 1995-1997
C. E. Hansford – Interim 1987-88, 94-95, 97-99
Stan Stevenson 1999-2010
Albert McKinney – Interim 2010-2011
Don Jones – Interim 2011
Ron D. Andrew Nov. 2011 – June 2017
Don Jones – Interim July 2017 –